The Braverman test is the most widely accepted method of determining neurotransmitter dominance and deficiency. The test asks a series of true or false questions based on personality traits, general attitude, and mood. The test can only be taken once because once the questions are known, it is highly likely that biases will interfere with the results. The first section measures neurotransmitter dominance and the second neurotransmitter deficiency. While there are other methods for testing neurotransmitter through urine, saliva, or blood samples, these are widely considered unreliable relative to the written Braverman Test.

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Workbook Creator Assessment- Between Sessions


Thryve is a custom probiotic subscription program that has become a complete game changer for the guttural health.  There is no better way to battle your gut health than with a personalized probiotic in which is specifically designed to be able to help foster your full balance.  Once you get the gut in check, I guarantee the healthy                                                                      mind and life balance will follow.  


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Humbling Moments Captured...

thank you for always being there to come back to.

every piece of difficulty that I bring has only been met with James showing up bigger, creative, different & bold ways.

Thank you for continuing to show up. 

Thank you for giving me someone to trust.   

Thank you for not using the **** cliches because they piss me off.

Thank you for holding space for silence. 

Thank you for teaching me how to allow silence to happen and how to verbalize & open up about things as well. 

I appreciate you a ton. 

Thank you for believing in me because I sure as hell can’t believe in myself right now. 

from email March 2020 written by Client since winter 2016

James Hallberg, LCSW

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