James Hallberg, LCSW

I engage my role as a therapist to be present and insightful as I walk alongside the client through their past and present lives. I am a very transparent and unique therapist that allows my own quirks and personality to be a piece if the process and choose to stand on the front side of the blank slate style of therapists and not hide.  This allows a genuine and authentic relationship to be formed between myself and client and gives a deeper meaning to the work that is accomplished because it is through collaboration and dialogue that it will be discovered.

I believe that we have a story to be told and I aim to help guide my client in finding their voice to share theirs.  By identifying our defensive blocks I help comfort in the discovery of self compassion and authentic vulnerability.  Life is full of unexpected moments and through finding our voice we can share our lives with others and demonstrate a strong understanding and humble acceptance.

By gaining a greater perspective of understanding through reflection and reconciling of our daily moments,  I feel it relieves some of the intensity of pressure in the uncertain and allows our open heart and quiet mind to be at peace. The most humbling experience is the moment I am able to witness someone in their reflections actually experience the awakened element and the rush of clarity that comes through for them to have such safety and strength in their courage of self.  I can honestly say that I have been blessed and fortunate enough to know that I am doing exactly what i was meant to be doing in this life and because of my gracious awareness of that I feel it makes me a remarkable therapist, coach, support, and healer.

James Hallberg, LCSW

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