My Story is a boutique behavioral health practice designed to foster a clinical experience to assist individuals and couples through the process of change and support them in the discomfort of their vulnerable strength. Through the primary focus being on the individual the therapeutic relationship is formed as a supported partnership working in a space of neutrality and compassionate inquiry. Pursuing the goal to discover a deeper sense of self while standing in our truths and the grace of spirit as their story unfolds...

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James Hallberg is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with an extensive background in special education and also addiction treatment in Chicago, IL. He specializes in anxiety and panic disorders, working with empaths and highly sensitive persons, the experience of grief and loss, life transitions and the developmental process in our lifespan, the unique process of self identity within the LGBTQIA community, and the subtle traits of the addictive personality and how to heal through the trauma that influences the attachment to being numb. Many of his clients are simply in a process of a shifting in their concept of self and are seeking ways to be able to comfortably examine their options and develop a confidence in embracing the anticipated moments of uncertainty.

James utilizes relational therapy through compassionate inquiry to help his clients better understand the moments of being overwhelmed are not meant to create a space for isolation but rather the opportunity to grow through the strength of sharing their human need of connection to others and awareness that they are not alone. He ensures that his clients always feel seen and heard as they are also being challenged to expand into the discomfort they are seeking to understand. He also incorporates elements of rational emotive behaviors, mindfulness practices, and cognitive restructuring through an unconditional awareness of the fluidity in our lives. James helps his clients find their voice and develop self-compassion in how their story will unfold.






I am just a basic person that finds his courage every day to show up in the world to be seen and hustles when in the spaces in which need to still be found. I am engaging, unfiltered, expressive, and quirky. I strive to be able to connect with clients in a manner that sparks deeper connection and creates a safer space than where they are coming from. I am not a blank slate and I acknowledge my experiences which have shaped me and in that awareness I continue to find my curiosity. When I approach my work with a curious mind I am able to learn and understand objectively through the lens of the client and from there offer integrated support and direction to reveal the other ways in which are often not seen which can provoke and inspire change to occur.


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